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no but imagine when the people from the ark come down and the kids realize that they were too late to save the 320 people and Jasper and Monty are quiet for a second and then they’re like “wait 320 lives were on the line and the whole camp got together to try and save them???? Where were we when this happened?” and everyone’s like “THAT’S WHAT WE WOULD LIKE TO KNOW”

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Prompt: Raining for days, close quarters, tension.

The ground is soft and boggy from the rain that has been coming down on them for the last three days and has started to finally lighten up to a soft mist in the air, her boots sink into the wet dirt with every step she takes and while it isn’t the rain storm of just a few hours ago, a few minutes outside and her clothes are already starting to stick to her body, her curly blonde hair becoming even more unruly with every drop that falls on it.

Still Clarke inhales the first calming breath she’s taken since they got Octavia back and this storm started. Stuck in the landing shuttle helping with Octavia’s recovery, finally getting in contact with the Ark and her mother long enough to get her medical help and having to deal with the awkwardness that has settled around her whenever she’s around Finn and Raven has put her on edge, itching out of her skin with a need to get away even if just for a moment.

“Are you trying to get sick?”

Clarke lets out a groan at the question that interrupts her temporary solitude, turning around she finds a frowning Bellamy closer than anticipated, she returns the expression annoyed at his ability to sneak up on her. “What?” she asks defensively when he just stands there staring at her.

“I asked you if you are trying to get sick, princess,” he answers, looking up at the sky and then back at her. “Cause you will if you continue standing out here while it rains.”

Clarke rolls her eyes at the recurring nickname, cursing Finn for coming up with it in the first place and Bellamy for his continuous use of it, she also curses herself a little for the involuntary shiver it always gives hers when he uses it.

Bellamy catches it if his narrowed eyes are anything to go by. “See, you’re shivering, you’re going to get a cold.”

“That’s a myth, getting caught in the rain doesn’t give you a cold, bacteria does,” she shoots back, a small smirk playing on her lips when he answers with a roll of his own eyes. There something childish about it but she can admit if only to herself that she almost likes this bantering/fighting thing they have between them, she’s almost grateful for it and the chance it gives her to unleash if only just a little.

“Just what I need, another smartass in my life,” he mutters to himself but she catches it anyway and she knows instantly who he means. After they rescued Octavia, Bellamy didn’t leave her side until it became obvious that the girl was going to be okay, but since then he hasn’t gone near her again.

“She’s doing much better, Jasper and Monty are treating her like a princess and she’s enjoying every minute of it.”

Bellamy nods, the movement causes the drops of water that have collected in his wavy hair to fall, some landing on his tan skin. Clarke follows one that runs down his cheek until it stops at the corner of his mouth, she’s struck with the sudden desire to lean in a taste it, the thought so out of the blue and startling that it forces a small gasp pass her lips.

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